Content Marketing for Social Media and Website (SkillsFuture Approved)


Here's a short video to share on what you can expect at our workshops :)

Time: 10am to 6pm | Max. 6 Participants
Hands-on Workshop, 80% of the workshop consist of hands-on brainstorming and activities.

What you will take away from this Hands-On Workshop:

• Learn what content marketing is, and how it helps in lead generation
• Understand the key principles and mechanics of content marketing
• Learn how to develop effective content skills using a systematic approach and framework
• Learn how to write better content for your product, services and business

What will be taught in this Hands-on Content Marketing Course?


- Trainer's Introduction

- Participant's Introduction

- Learning Outcomes

Content Marketing

- Definition

- Examples of Content Marketing / Development

- What is copywriting?

- Examples of content that requires copywriting / content writing

3.1 What can good content do for your business

- More effective and impactful branding

- Drive organic traffic and reduce reliance on paid channels

- Building deeper, long-term relationships with customers

- Lead generation with Content Marketing

3.2 Buyer's Journey

- Definition & Explanation of buyer's journey (10 Min)

- Toilet & Tea Break (10 Min)

- Brainstorm participant's own buyer's journey (15 Min)

- Discussion & Feedback of buyer's journey (45 Min)

Case Study

- Good and Bad Contents in different formats: Blog, Facebook, Video?

Writing Activity

- Based on buyer's journey

The key elements to a good content

- Principles and key fundamentals
- Guidelines

Common Mistakes in Content Development

(a) Examples
(b) Revision, Consultation and Question & Answer

Framework for Content Development

(a) Theory and framework (20 Min)

(b) Hands on practice & trainer's feedback (30 Min)
(c) Toilet & Tea Break (10 Min)

Hands-on practice for headline and trainer's feedback

- Client's example from Trainer - 5 Min

- Hands on practice - 10 Min

- Trainer's review and feedback - 15 Min

Hands-on practice for writing tone & angle, and trainer's feedback

- Client's example from Trainer - 10 Min

- Hands on practice - 10 Min

- Trainer's review and feedback - 20 Min

Repurposing Content for different platforms (I.e Landing Page and Facebook)

- Trainer to provide content and write up (5 Min)

- Hands-on practice (20 Min)

- Trainer's feedback and Review (25 Min)

Final consultation time with Trainer

By the end of the course, you will be a better Content Marketer for your work and business.

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What you'll need to bring to class:

• Laptop & Charger

• Mouse & Mouse Pad

What you need to know (for Singaporeans above 25 years old):

This workshop is SkillsFuture Approved & Claimable.

No cash required. Email us at skillsfuture@skycrm.asia for payment instructions to pay us directly with your SkillsFuture Credits.

Course code on SkillsFuture Directory: CRS-N-0043408

This is a Certificate Workshop. Receive a Certificate of Completion upon completion of the workshop from Sky Digital Agency.

PIC Grant: 40% of course fee

For company sponsored individuals, your company can claim 40% of course fee (for training conducted by external vendor) from PIC if your company is eligible.

More about the PIC Grant: https://goo.gl/qlldQz

P.S. For company sponsored employees, companies get to claim $2/hour from SkillsConnect's Absentee Pay Roll.

About the Trainer

Joanne has seven years of active experience in communications, content strategy and content development work, including roles at the Singapore Tourism Board and global PR agency Golin. She has worked with a range of clients from corporate organisations to consumer brands.

In an age of the digitally empowered, she strongly believes in the power of content to transform brands and businesses, deepen consumer engagement and drive leads in more effective, meaningful ways.

Joanne copywrites and curates content for clients at Sky Digital Agency, if you would like to learn more about Content Marketing, join us at the workshop!

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1. Who can i contact should i have questions?
You may e-mail us at workshops@skycrm.asia

2. Is there a minimum class size to proceed?

Yes. We require a minimum class size of 3 people to proceed with the class.

In the event that there are insufficient participants, we reserve the right to reschedule the class. Under such circumstances, we will inform you no later than 3 working days before the event.

3. Where is the venue of the workshop?

6 Raffles Quay, #15-00, Singapore 048580
Nearest MRT: Raffles Place, take exit "i". The building 6 Raffles Quay is just beside Ascott at Raffles Place.

4. I'm driving, where can I park?
There is parking space at the building 6 Raffles Quay itself at $2.50 per 30 min block.
For weekend classes, we recommend our participants to park at SGX Centre, at $3 per entry.

Thu Oct 26, 2017
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM SGT
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6 Raffles Quay, #15-00
Regular Ticket SOLD OUT $500.00
$450 via SkillsFuture Credits FULL
Venue Address
6 Raffles Quay Singapore
Digital & Social Media Marketing Singapore